Custom Boards For Aitch

British rapper and songwriter Aitch got in touch with us asking for a few custom boards. We decided to use his album covers to create a two part board design.

"These are too sick, they are going straight on my walls at home, I will be back for some more very soon"

Custom Boards For Alisha Lehmann

Alisha Lehmann wanted some of her best footballing photos on a couple of single boards and she also wanted a two part board design. These were the results.

"These are amazing guys, they look so good. I will put them in my games room at home"

Custom Watford board for Culture Force

We got in touch with the TikTok influencer Culture Force and asked him if he would like a custom board, He said lets do it so we designed him a 1 of 1 unique, eye-catching Watford themed design. At Duco we are open to collaborations and challenges to make your perfect board.

  • Flans kicks

    Our boards are now selling in Flans Kicks, Cambridge. Give this amazing store a visit!

  • Boards In store

    New Boards will be restocked regularly so head down to Flans Kicks to check them out.

  • Flans Kicks Board

    This was a custom design for the shop "Flans Kicks" located in Cambridge

  • OFFseason Board

    This was a custom design for the shop "Offseason" located in Leicester which now sell our boards.

  • The largest sneaker shop in Leicester.

  • The boards are stocked monthly.

  • Custom Board

    This was The custom board we did for the amazing store In Worcester.

  • In The Streets

    Our boards are now selling at In The Streets, Worcester. This store is one of the best if not the best sneaker and designer clothing shops in Worcester.

  • Kershkicks

    This was KershKicks's custom 2 part board that features their own design.

  • Manchester Store

    Make sure to check out KershKicks, The store is brilliant, a must if ever in Manchester.

  • Finished Boards

  • Custom Board

    This board was completely unique design done by the owner of Shubs Collection.

  • Boards In Store

    New Boards will be restocked regularly so head down to Shubs Collection to check them out.

  • Store In Hull

    7 Humber Street, Hull.

  • Custom Board

    This was a design that features many designs that GF provided for us, This was the final design.

  • Custom Boards

    These were the final two boards that Gone Fishing were delighted with.

  • Manchester Store

    Manchester, 95 Oldham Street, M4 1LW

  • Custom Board

    This design was simple but effective with the SoleSneaks Logo in black on a plain white background.

  • Boards In Store

    New Boards will be restocked regularly so head down to SoleSneaks to check them out.

  • Leicester Store

    Store is in Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester

Custom Board for MENSPIRE Nottingham

At Duco we can turn ideas into reality with custom boards that are personalised and unique. These boards can be made for any shop. This design was for the new upcoming barbers "MENSPIRE" in Nottingham. Get in touch at our email with your ideas and we can send you pictures of what the board will look like to ensure the design is up to your satisfaction.

  • Initialone clothing brand

    Custom boards for the clothing brand InitialOne.

  • Barbers

    These boards were made for two different barbers; "MENSPIRE" located in Nottingham and "GET FADED" located in Leicester.

  • Tik Tok Influencers

    The first board was created for "Fish56 Octogen" with his beautiful Audi R8. The next board was for "Culture Force" Featuring Vicarage Road.

  • Football

    First board was for a Rangers fan featuring Ibrox Stadium, the next board was for a Chelsea fan.

  • Rugby

    This was another special custom board which features Leicester Forest East when they won the county cup final.

  • The Secret Garden- Jewellers

    These were two beautiful boards designed for a jewellers in London featuring their logo and some amazing watches they sell.